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Farm-Fresh Eggs, Seasonal Produce, Fun, and More

Fresh Foods, Great Workshops, and An Event Center You'll Love

At The Nest Box, we believe in transparency and giving you the opportunity to enjoy the farm experience yourself.  Want to ensure the eggs you buy are really from happy grass-eating hens? At The Nest Box, we encourage you to come see for yourself!  Not only can you see firsthand how everything works, grows and is cared for, but we invite you to stay, relax, and enjoy the farm property, whether for a small family picnic, or a special event at our refurbished barn. If you're interested in doing farm work yourself, we offer various classes on farming, gardening, and the "lost" crafts. And before you leave, don't forget to pick up some fresh farm goods, including: 

  • Bread and Baked Goods
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Goat and Sheep Cheese 
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Honeycomb and Honey
  • Chicks, Pullets and Hens
Stop by today to pick up some delicious farm goods and enjoy the sights of our working farm:
Brown Goat White Goat Black and White Goat Young Goat
White and Brown Chicks Chicks in Wooden Box Chicks in Box Chick Perched on Box
Bee House Bees Honey Combs


We offer a variety of workshops on farm and garden crafts. Some of the workshops include:

  • Spinning Wool
  • Beekeeping 101
  • Composting
  • Candle Making
  • Bread Baking
  • Canning

Event Center - Coming Soon

Sometimes the perfect place to hold an event is at a farm. We have a nearly 100 year-old rustic barn that we'll be happy to rent to you once its restoration is complete, which we anticipate to be by end of Spring 2019.  We'll provide tables, chairs and linens for your event.  We can also provide natural farm flowers for your table center peices.  Please book at least six months in advance. You'll need to pay a deposit to reserve your spot.