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We Do The Work. You Enjoy The Farm.

We do the work so you can enjoy the farm experience.

The Nest Box is a full-service, biodiverse family farm in San Martin, California offering an event center, delicious whole foods with a fun-filled farm-to-table experience, and hands-on workshops, allowing you to reap the benefits and experience of a traditional farm without all the hard work. 

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At The Nest Box, we are dedicated to growing quality foods and ensuring our animals are healthy and happy. Our pasture-raised chickens enjoy the fresh air under the California sun while roaming our grass pastures.  The grasses our hens eat make for beautiful eggs with bright golden orange yolks rich in omega-3 fatty acids - an important nutrient that factory farming has all but stripped from our diet.  Our goats and adorable Babydoll sheep roam our pastures, eating a healthy diet of natural grasses, forbs and shrubs.  They're sweet and gentle, and would love to interact with you, especially if you have a special treat of sweet cob for them! 

Along with visiting our animals and picking up produce, you can take farming workshops, host an event in our refurbished 100 year-old barn, or picnic with your family on the property and simply take in the farm experience.

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(669) 241-2308

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